Vitamin D is essential to the continued health of dogs just as it is for humans. Vitamin D3 is essential for the absorption of calcium which helps to regulate blood levels. Most food brands also have vitamin D3 included. Here are some brands that offer vitamin D3:¬†NutriSource Dog Food. Dogs, unlike humans are unable to… Read More

People begin fitness regimes for many reasons, some do it to lose weight, others to improve their body shape and others to improve their overall health and stamina. A good level of physical fitness is known to be beneficial in limiting the effects of many of today’s modern diseases and illnesses such as cardiovascular disease… Read More

Visit any zoo around the world and you will find large crowds of people around the big cat enclosures. There is something about these lions and tigers that holds the attention of people and makes them want to get as close to them as possible. See how to get the Valleyfair Coupons. Florida Zoo were… Read More

All of the outlets in the chain of 99 Restaurants and Pubs offer diners a relaxed dining environment which appeals to families of all ages. More pub coupons. The menu is filled with home style cooking which appeals to everyone, and the prices charged at the restaurants as just as down to earth as the… Read More

Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut has been a popular visitor attraction since it opened in 1973. Whilst Mystic Aquarium is not one of the largest in the country it is packed with exhibits and attractions that make it worth visiting. More¬†Connecticut coupons. The facility is not only about showcasing the life that exists beneath the waves… Read More

While Venus Clothing seems to be weathering the financial storm which has seen many other retailers closing they doors in the light of huge financial losses, Body Central have announced that they are closing all 265 of their teen clothing stores. The liquidation of the company has been blamed upon the falling number of visitors… Read More

While today we take the automatic technology of the car wash for grated, it is not technology that appeared overnight. For many years car washing was a manual task, the first kind of automation to be introduced was a rope pulley system that pulled a car through a series of different wash stations, though the… Read More

The Regis Corporation is respected as being the largest hair salon empire in the world, with thousands of salons operating under their name throughout America as well as in Asia and Europe. The man behind the development of the corporation was Myron Kunin who passed away recently at the age of eighty five. There are… Read More

Normally if you were to hear of an animal escaping from a zoo you would immediately think of a lion, tiger or other large predator and naturally be somewhat afraid. Thankfully the last animal to make their escape from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was only a cattle egret. See the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Coupons. The… Read More

Flat Top Grill are credited as being the pioneers of the create your own meal concept. The company is currently celebrating twenty years of being in business and part of the celebration includes rolling back their menu prices to the level they were when the restaurant was first launched twenty years ago. See the Flat… Read More