Pizzeria chain Pizza my Heart was founded in 1981 in Capitola, California by Fred Poulos and Keith Holtaway. Today there are eighteen pizzerias in the chain located around the San Francisco Bay. The original pizzeria in the chain was designed to resemble and east coast pizzeria with a more urban style and feel. Inside the… Read More

The credentials needed to become an oncologist are extensive and may take as long as fifteen years. Oncologists must be licensed in the state in which they work, and they must also have certain interpersonal as well as technical skills. The first step in becoming an oncologist is to earn a bachelor’s degree. While a… Read More

Elephant Bar is an upscale dining chain which operated throughout the United States. The company headquarters of elephant Bar are located in La Miranda, California; however the first bar/restaurant in the chain was actually established in the town of Lubbock, Texas. The chain now operate venues across ten states and all of them follow the… Read More

Located in the town of Bristol, Connecticut Lake Compounce is a family themed amusement park which first opened to the public in 1946; making it the oldest consistently operational park of its kind in America. Visitors can also enjoy more than just rides and roller coasters when visiting as there is also a beach area… Read More

According to the most recently released figures $148,000 is the median salary being paid to orthodontists in the United States. Though as this is only the median figure it needs to be remembered that 50% of orthodontists are being paid less, just as 50% are being paid more. The basic range of pay for orthodontists… Read More

The Rodizio Grill is an chain of restaurants in America which offer the diner an authentic taste of Brazil. Based upon the way that gauchos would cooked over an open fire pit the chain offer a traditional all you can eat menu featuring the food which brings families and communities together in Brazil. Founded by… Read More

Tulsa Zoo is located in Mohawk Park in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The zoo has a number of differently themes areas which highlight specific animals such as the Lost Kingdom which is home to the zoo’s three elephants. The Tropical American Rain Forest habitat is home to green anaconda, dwarf caimans, howler monkeys, jaguars… Read More

Cardiologists are the specialist doctors who have endured years of training so that they may accurately diagnose problems with the heart or cardiovascular system. These physicians are sometimes classified as either non-invasive, or invasive cardiologists, depending on the types of procedures they perform within an average day of their occupation. Within the Bureau of labour… Read More

According to statistics which were released on October 2014 the average salary for a physician – neurologist in the United States is $230,000. While this was cited as the average available salary it was noted that there were many who were not achieving this average figure. It was noted that there were many variables which… Read More

English actress Keira Knightley began her television career as a child actor, before making her movie debut in 1995 in the film ‘Innocent Lies’. She is probably best known for her character in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies, though she also fronts an advertising campaign for Chanel. Despite what may have appeared in the… Read More