According to statistics which were released on October 2014 the average salary for a physician – neurologist in the United States is $230,000. While this was cited as the average available salary it was noted that there were many who were not achieving this average figure. It was noted that there were many variables which… Read More

English actress Keira Knightley began her television career as a child actor, before making her movie debut in 1995 in the film ‘Innocent Lies’. She is probably best known for her character in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies, though she also fronts an advertising campaign for Chanel. Despite what may have appeared in the… Read More

Mary Tyler Moore is something of a stalwart of the television industry, having been appearing on our screens since the 1960’s. Despite her enduring popularity these days the actress is very much a recluse, hardly ever appearing in public, and certainly not in any new television shows. The reason why she has become so reclusive… Read More

You would assume that no matter what day of the week your kids are scheduled for surgery, they would receive the same level of care, experience the same level of surgical skill and have the same post operative results. However, recent research has shown that children who receive emergency surgery on Saturdays and Sundays are… Read More

Christine Baranski is a versatile actress, appearing alongside Cybil Shepherd in her show ‘Cybil’ and alongside Richard Gere in the movie version of the hit musical ‘Chicago’. Now in her sixties she is still maintaining a her trademark glamorous image, and despite the constant plastic surgery speculation she is confronted with manages to maintain that… Read More